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Cesar Tolico

Financial Risk Manager

BA in Business Management, Minor in Economics

Enrolled Agent
US Tax Court Practitioner

Cesar is an International Tax Advisor with Asena Advisors. He has learned the ins and outs of expat taxation in his own skin when he immigrated to Europe as a US citizen.

Cesar likes direct and honest communication and looks for every legal way to help clients minimize US tax or maximize their refunds. He has helped US expats recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax refunds by using foreign tax credits, child tax credits, NOL (net operating losses), etc.  and by using the benefits of the US tax code in the current year but also by amending prior tax returns prepared by other firms or by the clients/taxpayers themselves.

He prefers a call to an email but is comfortable with both.

He speaks English, Spanish and Czech.

Specialties: US expat taxation, foreign corporations, foreign tax compliance, cross border tax minimization.


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