Peter Harper

Market entry and global migration are complex areas of tax law and when proper advice is not obtained, his team...


Janpriya Rooprai

She is a seasoned professional and focuses her practice on cross-border tax planning, including mergers, acquisitions and structuring for global...


Renuka Somers

Renuka is an experienced Australian tax, trusts and estate planning lawyer and Chartered Tax Advisor. She assists high net worth...


Arin Vahanian

Arin is currently the president of Polo tax, our new tax preparation service. He specializes in foreign corporations, foreign trusts,...


Alex Thompson

Alex is the President of WoodPoint Capital International. He has more than 15 years’ experience in investment management and business...


Joe Fernandez

His area of expertise includes pre-immigration tax planning, expatriation planning, inbound corporate structures to minimize U.S. taxation, passive foreign investment...


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Indian entities and U.S. taxation – Part I

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