About Us



Asena Advisors is a leading boutique firm specializing in U.S.- International tax advisory and compliance. The Asenans were a warrior tribe in the time of Ghengis Khan, and they protected wealthy merchants who traveled along the Silk Road from West to East.

We, too, are protectors of wealth, and as protectors of wealth, our core values are:
1. No Excuses – Own Your Actions

2. Family does not Criticize. They hold each other accountable

3. Luxury is Quality – Asena is Luxury

4. Live with Integrity

5. Be Different + Think Different

If you are a self-motivated and entrepreneurial tax professional who agrees with our core values and would like to be part of a strong family office ecosystem, then Asena is the right place for you! We have some exciting and unique opportunities to join us in developing your tax career:

Tax Manager

Tax Associate

Finance & Accounting M&A Strategy CPA