Private Client

Deal Advisory

We are deal junkies. A team of transactional experts that only advise UHNW private clients and family offices on international deals.

We understand speed, complexity, and shareholder protections, and how accurate advice is only valuable if it is being provided and processed quickly.

The speed of this information drives negotiations and can significantly alter pre and post-tax returns.

Since the Global Recession in 2008 there has a dramatic shift of capital away from large financial institutions to fund the establishment and capitalization of family offices. As of the start of 2023 more than half of the worlds liquidity is held in family offices or structures invested in private markets.

Our team has been at the forefront of this transition and have been actively engaged in the formation of a integrated wealth offering that can adequately support family offices and transition their capital from public to private markets.

We regularly advise on, and invest alongside, principals and family offices in US and Australian based direct investments

We are a fully integrated advisory team. We source, underwrite, and raise capital for private proprietary and brokered transactions.

Tax Advisory

Our personal tax advisory services are designed to meet your tax advisory needs – both in the US and overseas.

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Executive Compensation + Planning

We are an international accounting firm that provides commercially relevant international tax advice.

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Estate Planning

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Tax Preparation

We prepare the full range of U.S. personal tax and information returns.

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Tax Remediation

The U.S. taxes its permanent residents, citizens, and substantial resident aliens (collectively residents) on a worldwide basis.

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Asset Protection

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