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Bharat Bansal

Bharat, a graduate in law and commerce, is a highly accomplished individual, who embarked on his professional journey at a young age, swiftly acquiring expertise in a diverse range of fields. His prowess extends across Direct and Indirect Taxation, Finance and Accounts, Corporate Compliance and start-ups.

His commitment to ensuring the provision of top-notch services to clients reflects his unwavering dedication to customer delight. Bharat’s proficiency extends beyond his legal acumen, as he excels in business development, problem-solving, and establishing robust internal controls and possesses a keen ability to pinpoint inefficiencies within statutory and regulatory frameworks. This multifaceted skill set positions Bharat as a valuable asset to the company, contributing significantly to its success and growth.

Abigail Ajala

Has experience providing tax advisory service to Individual and small business domestic clients. Abigail is a member of the AFO...

Andy Walshe

Andy is a globally recognized leader and expert in the field of elite human performance, his experience runs the gamut...