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Personal tax compliance is an important facet of modern financial life. In the U.S., personal tax laws create significant complexities as people move and work in different places in the United States where they not only have federal but also state tax obligations.

A myriad of complex rules apply to foreign income derived by United States persons – such as income derived by Foreign Grantor Trusts, Grantor Trusts, Controlled Foreign Corporations and Passive Foreign Investment Companies. In addition the requirements of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) has made tax reporting and compliance a critical issue for U.S. persons – where significant administrative penalties can be levied by the Internal Revenue Service for non-compliance or late lodgement.

The complexities of international tax compliance can create significant challenges for those who have not been well advised or who are simply not aware of their obligations.

Asset Protection

In today’s increasingly litigious climate protecting your family’s wealth is very important.

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Executive Tax and Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Employee stock ownership plans (ESOP), stock options and other similar non cash compensation plans can often become the most valuable component of an executive’s remuneration package.

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Trust and Estate Consulting

The US taxation of trusts is complex especially in relation to international trust with US beneficiaries or grantors.

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Americans Moving Abroad

For Americans living and working abroad, the main issue is America’s global approach to the taxation of its citizens (or green card holders) who live abroad. Compliance challenges are even more significant given the introduction of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

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Entrepreneurs and Executives moving to the US

Taxpayers moving the U.S for the first time significant issues often arise in relation to the timing of U.S residency. The interaction of U.S.

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Tax Preparation

We prepare the full range of U.S. personal tax and information returns.

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Experience the Asena difference - integrated U.S. tax advice from dedicated advisors and accountants who understand your issues.

Personal Business

Have a tax question?

We care. Asena’s guiding philosophy is to understand and have empathy with our clients while providing specialist professional tax advice and services. If you need integrated cross border tax advice and compliance our renowned team is able to help you.

Your needs are unique, your service should be too.

Our personal level of service ensures that whatever your requirements you are treated in a manner that recognises you for who you are. We have specialist resources that have the technical and industry knowledge to provide both professional advice and practical solutions.

Through a combination of academic qualifications and practical experience our professionals are able to provide you with guidance and solutions to a wide range of tax, business and accounting issues. Our view is that by us ‘integrating’ your home country tax issues with your arrival country tax issues you will be in a better position than working with different service providers.

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