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We are private client advisors. It is hard wired into our DNA. Everything we do is focused on the net benefit to the family.

The net benefit for the family can be economic, philanthropic, or can involve the protection of the family and their legacy.

In the advisory world other advisors categorize advisors based on who they advise by reference to public or non-public companies. For background private clients can refer to any form of structure that is not a public company, that is closely held.

When an advisor is advising public companies or companies that are not closely held their obligation is not to the family. They are thinking about the net benefit to the shareholders of the company or the fiduciary obligations that the directors owe to the company itself.

This conflict (i.e. the rights of the shareholders and the directors’ obligations to the company), invariably results in the best interests of the family being subjugated for the best interests of the company.

We are impartial and we are always looking for net benefit for the families we represent, whether that is helping them acquire a piece of real estate or leading their team on the sale of a $100M stake in a $1B business.

Deal Advisory

We are deal junkies. A team of transactional experts that only advise UHNW private clients and family office.

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Tax Advisory

Our personal tax advisory services are designed to meet your tax advisory needs – both in the US and overseas.

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Executive Compensation + Planning

We are an international accounting firm that provides commercially relevant international tax advice.

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Estate Planning

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Tax Preparation

We prepare the full range of U.S. personal tax and information returns.

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Tax Remediation

The U.S. taxes its permanent residents, citizens, and substantial resident aliens (collectively residents) on a worldwide basis.

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Asset Protection

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Wealth Management

Achieve your financial goals with personalized Wealth Management strategies. Secure your financial future with expert advice and tailored solutions.

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Your needs are unique, your service should be too.

Our personal level of service ensures that whatever your requirements you are treated in a manner that recognises you for who you are. We have specialist resources that have the technical and industry knowledge to provide both professional advice and practical solutions.

Through a combination of academic qualifications and practical experience our professionals are able to provide you with guidance and solutions to a wide range of tax, business and accounting issues. Our view is that by us ‘integrating’ your home country tax issues with your arrival country tax issues you will be in a better position than working with different service providers.

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