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Tax Advisory

Our team of specialists work with our business clients to provide cutting edge tax advice that meets their commercial objectives.

We are US market entry experts. We advise foreign owned businesses on the structure of debt and equity issuances, acquisitions of US based targets and the sale of US domestic and foreign businesses to foreign or local buyers.

Anyone with or without a degree can set up an US entity, that is the easy part. Ensuring it is tax efficient for local and foreign owners and that any relationship with foreign related companies is compliant with US and domestic tax law is where the complexity lies.

We understand how to structure US businesses to maximize returns in the event of a debt or equity issuance, the acquisition of a target or a sale to a third party.

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Entity Formation

Foreign businesses expanding into the U.S. have numerous entity options. Asena Advisors can help you choose the best one.

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Tax Preparation Services

Accounting for and managing the domestic disclosure obligations of a foreign wholly owned subsidiary or related entity, can be a complex and costly exercise if it is not managed correctly.

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Corporate Finance

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Tax Advisory

Navigate complex tax regulations seamlessly with a tax advisory team. From compliance to planning, get tailored support for your financial goals.

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