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Asena Advisors, your trusted international tax accountants and consultants, provide expert guidance on global tax returns, foreign earned income, overseas taxation compliance, and more.

Asena Family Office is an internationally focused multi-family office that supports private clients, family offices and portfolio companies they: own; operate; buy; and sell.

Our advisory team provides institutional grade investment advice and deal support to private clients that is focused on post transactional liquidity and holistic private wealth solutions that enable them to capture future upside while rebalancing risk for the next

We believe any holistic private wealth offering should be supported by a strong and aligned private markets platform. We source, review, raise capital for, and invest alongside our clients in Australian and US based private market opportunities.

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Asena Advisors - International Tax Accountants & Advisers You Can Trust Online with offices in Los Angeles (LA) California (CA), Chicago, New York, and New Delhi

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