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In the time of the silk road, merchants travelled from west to east, accrued wealth and hired the Ascenans to help them keep it.


These merchants were pioneers who sought riches and adventure. They were fascinated by the differences that existed between their cultures and the commercial and personal opportunities that resulted from these differences. It was as a result of the efforts of these great merchants that some of the first family offices were founded.

1000 years have passed since this time and while technology has advanced the way in which we travel and the way in which we communicate, little has changed the personal motivation for global business. Global commerce is still driven by modern merchants who have a sense of adventure and see opportunities in a global, rather than a local market place. They understand that it is cultural differences that create opportunity.

Like the Ascenans who were hired to protect the wealth of merchants on the silk road, our sole objective is the protection of global wealth for our clients.

In the same way, individuals, private businesses and wealthy families seek to cross international boarders in an effort to build global wealth and expand personal horizons. Asena Advisors has the breadth of experience and expertise in international business to help protect wealth and maximize global efficiencies.

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