Case Studies

US expansion of online retailer

Nu-wave Products Pty Ltd in an Australian cosmetics company that sells their products through an online platform. Due to a spike in US based sales from with no marketing efforts in the US, they have... Read more

Expansion of franchise business

Barry Black and Jeremy Jackson operate a successful tanning salon franchise in Australia called Bondi Tans. Barry and Jeremy want to expand their business to the US and plan to see franchises across the west... Read more

Online Super App

Online Super App is a web and application based gaming business that sells online advertising, in-app tokens and provides a voting platform for customers in the UK, US and Australia. Warren Littlefoot and Mike Baxter... Read more

Consolidation of Global Operating Structure

Stavros and Marina Rastopholopolis run an digital media company with operations in the US, UK, Singapore, Australia, Canada and India. Operations in each country are housed in local corporate entities with shareholders including a combination... Read more

Global Market Expansion

Steven, Paul and Bruno are Australian citizens and launched their SaaS company in Australia in 2015. The company has grown internationally and now has clients across Europe, Asia and the US. They received advice in... Read more

I Do Not Qualify for the Streamlined Domestic and Offshore Procedures what are my other options?

Barry Smyth is a U.K. citizen who has moved to the New York 15 years ago. He was not aware of the need to report interests in foreign companies and trusts on his personal tax... Read more

Do I qualify for the Domestic Offshore Streamline Procedures?

Kevin Driscoll is a US citizen who has lived on the Gold Coast in Australia since the 80s. He came out on a surfing vacation and never returned to the U.S. During this time he... Read more

What are the U.S. Classification and Reporting Obligations for U.K. and Guernsey entities?

Mrs Sandra Mills a London based businesswoman who migrated recently to the U.S. to expand her business.  She or she is a grantor of a Guernsey Trust that owns a portfolio of non U.S. mutual... Read more

What are the U.S. Classification and Reporting of Obligations for Indian and Dubai entities?

Mr Aman Reddy, an Indian based businessman migrates to the U.S. from India to live closer to his family.  He is a grantor of a Dubai based foundation that owns interests in 3 Indian limited... Read more

What are the U.S. Classification and Reporting of Obligations for Australian entities?

Ben Ball is an Australian resident entrepreneur.  He has structured his business through an Australian discretionary trust, five proprietary limited companies, and one limited liability partnership that are all owed by the corporate trustee of... Read more