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For the original patriarch or matriarch of an ultra wealthy family an increasing wealth may have little impact on the values by which they life their lives’. In most cases their skills and experience has grown with their wealth. For those who started life with little they understand the value and joy of personal success and doing it for themselves. They understand what it means to have had no wealth and so they do not take the money and success for granted.

For the family that follow the first, it can be difficult to develop the same sense of self and purpose.

We consult to families on family office establishment. This involves the creation of an administrative organizational structure for the family with a focus on organizational framework for family engagement in the legacy of first. We do this through three-day planning program with the patriarch and their trusted advisors and quarterly planning sessions with the family leadership team.

The key components are segregated into the 7 pillars: legacy (vision and values), investments + finance, legal + process, administration, people, education, philanthropy.

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