• Posted on February 18, 2021

We ultimate reduced…
his effective tax rate by more than 10%.

We ultimate reduced…

Which investments could not meet their projected IRR net of taxes because of the manner in which they were taxed in both countries and reduced his effective tax rate by more than 10%.

Our client was…

A 45 old Sydney based executive on the construction of a US private equity portfolio.

The problem was…

He could not determine his IRR net of US and Australian taxes.  Various structural options resulted in tax leakage because tax credits could not be utilized in Australia.

We were hired to…

Model his IRR net of tax to determine whether his investments in various US private equity deals was superior to opportunities he could source in Australia.

This involved a consideration of whether the investment should be held in his family trust, a corporation or his superannuation fund and whether those entities should be taxed on a flow through basis in the US or as corporations.

The work product provided was an economic model that showed how each structure was taxed on current income and capital gains.

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We also outlined the US compliance requirements for either structure and the client in the US.