Author: Peter Harper

In many countries outside of the U.S. discretionary forms of trusts are used as both business planning and estate planning tools because they facilitate flow through tax treatment of income they derive.

To the extent that a trust settled in Australia:

  1. is funded by a person who is a U.S. resident taxpayer or who becomes a U.S. resident taxpayer at a later date; or
  2. is controlled by a person who is U.S. resident taxpayer (through the trustee or via the role of the appointor) or by a person becomes a U.S. resident taxpayer at a later date,

it is likely that the trust will be a grantor trust.

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Australian trusts that allow trustees to distribute income on a discretionary basis that have U.S. grantors will, under the grantor trust rules contained in Code sections 671-679 be ignored, and income will be attributed to such U.S. resident taxpayers (citizens, green card holders, and substantial presence test aliens).

Failure to properly attribute the income derived by the trustee of the Australian trust to the person known as the grantor, and report it on form 3520-A or 3520, can result in substantial financial penalties.

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