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An effective, global trust and estate plan demands a creative analysis of international tax strategies.

For the ultra wealthy the world can seem to exist without borders. The creation of global family infrastructure starts with the expansion of a family business into the U.S. or the acquisition of real estate in a major U.S. city, it grows through the introduction of the next generation into the U.S. business community through expanded higher education and it is cemented when the next generation chooses to live permanently in the U.S. or have a permanent residential footprint within the U.S. Even if the assets owned by the family are predominantly located in the home country where the family made its original wealth they understand the importance of being able to spend time in a country where the media is not interested in your every move.

These choices are normally made over decades and the tax, succession (legal and organizational structure) and estate planning issues that impact these decisions require a team of experts that has extensive tax, legal and consulting experience in the home country and in the U.S.

Our team has been advising on global investment and operating structures for over 30 years and is regularly called upon to advise on family office organizational structure, global family office governance, and global estate plans.

Within the U.S. we have a deep understanding of the grantor trust rules, controlled foreign company rules, passive foreign investment company rules, global intangible low tax income rules, and the U.S. estate tax rules and how they impact global families.

Without proper planning the actions of one member of the family and how they interact with the U.S. tax rules can have a dramatic impact on family wealth.

Asena Advisors provides global trust, estate planning, succession planning and family office consulting to safeguard foreign assets from U.S. income tax and estate tax.

Asena Advisors. We protect Wealth.

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