Asset Protection

A strong asset protection plan is a key component of any enduring tax planning and family structuring strategy.

While expanding a business into the U.S. or moving to the U.S. can represent a major opportunity it can also carry significant legal risk.

In any business dealing or personal investment in the U.S. you should quantify the risk by assessing the economic cost of failure. This involves assessing:

  1. the key terms of legal contracts and being briefed on legal or regulatory risks by legal counsel that have subject matter expertise on the relevant business dealing or investment;
  2. whether any insurance products exist to cover your economic downside; and
  3. your operating and/ or investment structure to ensure that if things fail and insurance cannot properly cover the risk, that your liability in the U.S. for the investment is limited to the value of your investment.

The laws of your home country will likely be very different from the federal and state laws you will be governed by in the U.S.

The U.S. is a litigious country and a country of no safety nets; it is a country in which only the strongest, smartest and most protected people survive.

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