History and Who We Are

Who is Asena Advisors?

We are a specialized consulting firm focused on global trade and the intergenerational transfer of familial wealth. We deliver expert tax and family office consulting services to privately owned businesses and families. We have offices in key international centers around the world that allow us to facilitate global solutions for our clients.

History of Asena Advisors?

Asena Advisors is part of the Asena Group of companies. The Asena Group consists of 5 professional service businesses in the US and India. These businesses operated under the name CST Tax Advisors for last 10 years.

Like most global professional service firms, CST Tax Advisors evolved to deliver different services in different global markets. CST Tax Advisors was originally founded to serve the needs of expatriate individuals with a strong focus on the Asian market.

When CST Tax Advisors opened its first office in the US a decade ago it developed a strong reputation for serving the needs of global family office and foreign owned businesses. This represented a slight divergence from the traditional practice of CST Tax Advisors in other parts of the world.

The rebranding of the CST’s North American business to Asena Advisors represents a return for CST Tax Advisors to its roots and the establishment of a specialized firm that is designed to service the very specific and specialized needs of global businesses and the families that own them.

Today Asena Advisors owns interests in a portfolio of professional service firms (previously operating under the name CST Tax Advisors) within the United States that have been established to service very specific client needs. Rather than be a firm that is all things to all people Asena and its partners have chosen to only service the needs of clients that can most benefit from their expertise.